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2017 February 26- March 3 Las Vegas, Nevada
Creative Painting Conference * Bobbie T Class

2017 February 26- March 3

Las Vegas, Nevada

Hello Painting Friends,
Twila and I are looking forward to seeing you at the Las Vegas Conference!

Because the metal pot is from the past and a collectible, each metal pot will have it's own unique style.
Of course I will try my best to match the original.

There is a lot of prep time involved with each pot...cleaning, sand blasting, priming, painting and applying the patterns.

If you wish to order an additional prepped pot including all the misc. supplies from me, please do so on my website and I will deliver it to you at the class in Las Vegas.

Please email any question to me at:
Hello Painting Friends!

You ask and I listen...for something unique with a bit of fun sculpting!!!

Here it is..."TWILA the TEAPOT" or Coffee pot, if you prefer....Witchy Pot for some!!! haha

Class #802- "Twila the Teapot" by Bobbie Takashima

12" x 13" teapot
(metal with clay sculpting)

Intermediate, 8 hrs, $36.00 fee, $75.00 cost
Total Price $111.00

Thursday, March 2, 8 am - 5 pm

SUPPLIED: 12 x 13 metal teapot, clay, wire, wood glue, wool roving, hat

Please look for my class in the conference booklet!


Gonna be a fun project and painting time!

Twila The Teapot, Prepped for Las Vegas Conference Class