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Bobbie T. 12 Card Set "Ku-u-ipo
Bobbie T. "Ku-u-ipo" Handbag
Hello Painting Friends,

Please join me for a day to "stop and smell the roses"! haha

We'll also incorporate some stamping and texture....all on canvas board , or whatever you choose to bring with you.
Students will provide their own painting surface for this class unless you special order the canvas from Bobbie T.

The class fee is $55.00 and includes all paints, mediums, light refreshments, photo and instructions!

Spend the day and let's have some fun!

2018 Bobbie T. Seminars are posted...Classes galore at "home",across the country and far off places!

Please take a moment and browse the list of classes, hopefully you will find one or more that interest you.

Join the "Froggy Friends Club" Receive a personalized,hand-painted "Froggy Wings" from Bobbie T. and an extra 10% discount on all Bobbie T. Pattern Packets!

NEW Bobbie T. Arts, Inc. Studio Location:

2525 Southport Way, Unit Q
National City, CA 91950

Email: BobbieTArts@gmail.com

Phone: 619-994-2457


"Kuuipo" cards and handbag by Bobbie T.


20% discount on KUUIPO Handbag ($49.95 less $9.99 = 39.96) & Card Set (15.95 less $6.70 = $12.76) and FREE Shipping = $6.70 savings!

Limited quantities...order soon...don't miss this opportunity to get your Bobbie T. Handbag (Kuuipo design on both sides) & Card Set (12 cards).

Kuuipo handbag...inside has 1 zipper pocket & 1 open pocket.

Here are some of the top-selling products in our store:

PC001 Victorian Porcelain Ornament
PC002 Christmas Ark
PC003 Santa Express
PC004 Christmas Puzzle Tree
PC005 Father Christmas Door Harp
PC006 Sweet Snowman
PC007 Seven Silly Snowmen
PC008 Welcome Snowman Elf
PC009 Apple Cheeks
PC010 Up, Up And Away Froggie
PC011 Starry Night
PC012 Yum Yum Cookie Plate
PC013 Four Frosty Friends
PC014 The Nutcracker Trees
PC015 S. Claus & Friends
PC017 Snoozing Santa Moon
PC018 Santa & Furry Friends
PC019 Mr. & Mrs. Frosty
PC022 Santa Snowflake (PC022)
PC023 Christmas Elves Mechanical Toy
PC025 Christmas Cow Tray
PC027 Christmas Cow Bell
PC028 Santa Star & Faery
PC029 Santa & Toys
PC030 Merry Christmas Elves
PC031 Santa's Toys
PC032 Froggy Christmas Ornament
PC033 Christmas Fairy Mini Tree Topper
PC035 Santas Candle Plate
PC036 Santa Stocking
PC037 Christmas Tree Frog
PC038 Christmas Critters
PP006 Santa and the Acorn Elves
PP007 The Twelve Days Of Christmas )
PP010Jack Frost Is Coming To Town
PP012 Christmastime Around The World
PP015 Ye Ol' Toymaker
PP023 Peace On Earth
PP033 Clara Under the Christmas Tree
PP040 Santa & Elves' Mechanical Check
PP056 Christmas Globe
PP067 Santa's Bootie
PP070 Santa's Candy Bowl