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WELCOME to Bobbie T.'s Website!

HAPPY 2017 !!!!!

A NEW year is here...a year of artful promise!

Please join me for hours of creativity and comradry in classes planned at the studio and far off places.

Wishing you all the best of health and happiness.

Cheers, Bobbie T.

2017 Bobbie T. Seminars are posted...Classes galore at "home",across the country and far off places!

Please take a moment and browse the list of classes, hopefully you will find one or more that interest you.

Join the "Froggy Friends Club" Receive a personalized,hand-painted "Froggy Wings" from Bobbie T.

Bobbie T. Arts, Inc.
340 West 26th Street, suite C
National City, CA 91950

NEW Email: BobbieTArts@gmail.com

NEW PHONE #: 619-994-2457

PHP Item#10 Sonja Richardson
Michele Walton & Bobbie T.
PHP Item #2 Heidi England original painted canvas
PHP Item #1 Painting by Kristy Bradel, original design by JoSonja Jansen

****Bobbie T. Arts, Inc****

dba Country Keepsakes
340 West 26th Street, suite C
National City, California 91950
email: BobbieTArts@gmail.com

2017 Palomar Heritage Painters Chapter Ways & Means Raffle
2017 February 4, Saturday

Palomar Heritage Painters Chapter




San Marcos Mobile Home Estates
1145 East Barham Drive
San Marcos, CA 92078


Michele Walton & Bobbie T.

NEW Seminar dates!

April(26, Prep Day),27, 28,29, 30, 2017

Seminar fee is $500.00 and includes the paints and mediums used in the classroom, daily refreshments & and tons of fun!
Projects are a separate fee and required purchase for this seminar.

A $150.00 Deposit is required to save your spot in the seminar.

Dont miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn unique painting styles from Michele & Bobbie.

Join us for a fun painting experience and great hospitality at Bobbie T. Arts, Inc.

Owl Clock Wood PP069
Bobbie T. Banner * 12 x 24
Bobbie T. Totes * Single Handle * English Cottage Style
Bobbie T. Tote * 16" x 17" , 33 inch handles
Bobbie T. Tote * 12 x 14
Candle Sconce Wood
Mushroom Clock Wood
The Mother Goose Mechanical Toy Wood
Spells and Potions Cupboard
Halloween Mechanical Toy Box
Cheeseboard Wood