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Bobbie T. 2009

Bobbie T.'s Original Artwork

Just posted ...Peter Ompir Signed Original designs!

Please feel free to contact Bobbie T. by email with any questions regarding any of the items offered today.


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Christmas Globe SOLD
Baba Jaga Placque #2 of 3 SOLD
Christmas Advent Tree Box SOLD
Prize Tomato #2 of 2
Rosemary West painted metal tray
Rosemary West Original painted chest 15" x 11" x 6
Prize Tomato #1 of 2
Welcome Snoman Elf ...SOLD
Pumpkin Moon Metal Tray SOLD
Little Mermaid Tray SOLD
Witch Candy Bowl #1 of 2 ...SOLD
Witch Candy Bowl #2 of 2
The Rooster Tray
Bull Frog Ballet Candle Plate SOLD
Christmas Tree Frog * SOLD
Carrot Tops SOLD
Christmas Tree Frog (round tray)
Fairy Pumpkin Carvers SOLD
Snowman & Ginger Folks Trinket Box. SOLD
Join the Froggy Friends Club
The Wise Owl of Time SOLD
Year of the Horse
Peter Ompir Yellow Creamer with Birds
Peter Ompir Red Tin with Birds
Peter Ompir Green Handled Pan *Signed Original
Peter Ompir Yellow Sauce Pan with Roosters * Signed Original
John Dunn Pear Man with Stick 1997 * Pie Pan * Signed Original SOLD
John Dunn Green Pie Pan Red Hat Rooster Rider
John Dunn Black Covered Tin with Yellow Rooster and Red Hat & Coat Rider * SOLD
John Dunn Yellow Tea Tin with Fruit
John Dunn Red Tea Tin 1996
John Dunn Green Chest * Fruits and Hearts Signed Original
Top photo:
Original, John Dunn Green Chest adorned with fruit, leaves, hearts and stroework.

13" W x 7" H x 10" D

Signed and dated 2000

Bottom Photo:
Original, John Dunn Black Covered Tin with Yellow Rooster and Red Hat & Coat Rider * View of leaves along side.
10" across x 4" D
Signed & dated 1999
John Dunn Fruit Chest signed Original
John Dunn Cookie Tin Side View