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2018 April 27-30, Friday-Monday, "Snow White Fairytale House"

2018 April 27-30, Friday-Monday, "Snow White Fairytale House"

New original Bobbie T. seminar design

Dear Painting Friends,

The Snow White Fairytale House is a new seminar design...posting pictures after my big studio move this month!

The Seminar fee for the four day seminar is $400.00 and includes all paints & mediums used in the classroom, a 38 page booklet of pictures & instructions, daily refreshments and delightful painting!
A $200.00 registration fee is required to secure your spot in the class.

I know you like all the details outside and inside...beautiful turned feet under the cabinet (house) complete with chimney!
Please email for more details:
Please register here:

2018 April 27 to 30 Registration "Snow white Fairytale House" Seminar Deposit
2018 April 27-30 Snow White Fairytale House Woodpiece