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2019 May 25, Saturday, "The Old Hag Apple Seller"

Bobbie T. Arts, Inc.
San Diego, CA

The Old Hag Apple Seller"

Hello Painting Friends,

This NEW design is offered at my studio as a one-day Seminar.
This is just one of three "Hags" from the Snow White Fairytale by the Brothers Grimm that I'll be offering this year!
The class fee is $110.00 and includes the darling wood sconce (bring your own basket, please), all paints & mediums used in class, pattern packet with instructions, photos and pattern, refreshments and a fun time at the Lily Pad!!!
Class is limited to 4 lucky students, tee hee!
Your wood sconce will be basecoated for you, and pattern mailed when you pay for the class.
Hope you will join us!

Cheers, Bobbie T.
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2019 May 25, "The Old Hag Apple Seller