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2020, October 8, ZOOM CLASS
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2020 Mar 14 Sign up

Aloha Painting Friends,
You are cordially invited to paint this "sweetheart", Kuuipo, with me at the studio for a day.
The class fee is $85.00 and includes the use of paints & mediums in class, complete pattern & instruction packet, refreshments and my personal attention! lol
Space is limited to 4 students. Two seats are available at this time (Feb. 24)
My design is painted on a 12" round plate...Students are asked to bring a prepped and brush-sketched surface from home.
Upon signing up, you will receive the prep., pattern and instructions for the brush-sketching steps.
Having this done before class will save time and allow time for completing the remaining painting steps to completion.
Class hours are 9 - 5, door opens at 8:30.

Hope to see you!

Bobbie T.