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Wood mechanical box, rectangular , 10,1/4" Tall x 6" Deep x 11" Wide
2019 Bobbie T. Seminar Schedule * Home & Travel

Welcome to Bobbie T.'s 2019 Teaching Schedule
Travel & Home

Bobbie T. Arts, Inc.
2525 Southport Way, Unit Q
National City, California, 91950

Email: BobbieTArts@gmail.com

2019 January 26 & 27 , Bobbie T. Arts, Inc. Studio
2019 January 26 & 27 , "Snow White Plate" by Bobbie T.
2019 February 9, Bobbie T. Arts, Inc. Studio
2019 February 9, Free-Open workshop!
2019 February16, Bobbie T. Arts, Inc. Studio
2019 February 16, "The Old Apple Seller Hag Candle Sconce"

NEW Bobbie T. design!

This New design was inspired by the Snow White & Seven Elves Fairytale....the evil Queen has magically changed into the old hag selling apples...enticing Snow White to take a deadly bite!
Hope you'll join me for some painting fun and storytelling!
Two more tales are coming up! hehehe
2019 February 24 - March 1 Las Vegas Convention
2019 "Creative Painting Convention" Jo Sonja Jansen Booth!
2019 March 9 Bobbie T. Arts, Inc. Studio
2019 March 9 "Easter Egg Hunt Tray"
2019 April 13 & 14 Syossett, New York,Carol Davis Studio
Bobbie T. Seminar "The Old Hag Candle Sconce" & "Snow Days"
2019 April 22 - May 3 Tuscany, Italy , Franca Marzi Studio
Bobbie T. Seminar
2019 May 11 * Palomar Heritage Painters Chapter
2019 May 17, 18 & 19 Bobbie T. Arts Inc. Studio
"Alice Chess Set"
2019 May 25, Saturday, "The Old Hag Apple Seller"
Bobbie T. Arts, Inc.
San Diego, CA
2019 June 1, Saturday * "The Evil Queen Sconce" ...from Snow White Fairytale
Bobbie T Arts Inc Studio
San Diego, California
2019 June 15 , Saturday
"Snow White Plate"
2019 June 29. Sat & June 30, Sun Bobbie T Arts Inc
2019 July 12, 13, 14 Fri - Sun * Haunted Mansion Doll House"
Bobbie T Arts Inc
2525 Southport Way, Unit Q
National City, CA 91950

2019 July 20 & 21, Sat & Sun. Bobbie T Arts, Inc. Studio
"Christmas In July Seminar"
2019 August 2 & 3 Billings, Montana
Big Sky Dab & Gab Chapter - Bobbie T. Seminar
2019 August 10, "Snow Days" Bobbie T. Seminar
Bobbie T. Arts, Inc., San Diego, CA
2019 August 17 & 18, Christmas Time On The Pond" Seminar with Bobbie T.
Welcome Froggy Friends!
Christmas 2019 will be celebrated on "The Pond"!
A gathering of Nature at Christmastime is coming to the Lily Pad!
The project is a magical mechanical memory storage box to hold sweets & treats to ornaments and photos....and so much more!
Christmas is just around the corner ...hope to see you here at the Lily Pad!
Class fee is $325.00, and includes the wooden mechanical box, pattern packet with photos, instructions, patterns, all the paints & mediums used for the class and refreshments each day.
Class size is limited to 4 students.

Hope to see you here!
Cheers, Bobbie T.
2019 August 30 - September 8 , Eureka, California
2019 September 20, 21 & 22 , Long Island, NY
Bobbie T Seminar at Carol Davis Studio, Syosset, Long Island, NY
2019 October 8 - 12 Marlboro, Massachusetts
New England Traditions Convention
2019 October 21 - 26 Oklahoma City, OK
Painting Palooza Convention
2019 November 1,2, & 3 Kristy Bradel Studio, Valparaiso, Indiana
Bobbie T. & Kristy B. Valparaiso Seminar"
2019 November 7 to 25, Nagoya, Japan
Naomi Kawaguchi Decorative Painting Studio
Hello Painting Friends,

San Diego, California is my home and a beautiful city located on the scenic coastline of the Pacific Ocean.
I hope you will find the time to visit and attend a seminar at my studio located near downtown SanDiego...only minutes away from the Lindburg Field Airport.

Many hotels are located within a mile or less to the studio for your extended stay.

Class hours at Country Keepsakes:
10AM to 5PM with a one hour lunch break each day.
(subject to change by teacher)

Class fees include light refreshments of water, soft drinks, coffee, tea and snacks each day.

All classroom paints and mediums are supplied.

Hope you will join us at the studio or seminars planned for the USA and abroad.

Bobbie T.

Your inquiries are always welcome

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